7 Fitness Gifts That Your Love Will LOVE This Valentines Day

It’s one week until Valentine’s day. Do you know what you’re giving your swolemate yet? These 7 Fitness Gifts will win over your workout partners heart faster than you can say “Gym Time!”

1. The “You’re the VEST person I know” Weighted Vest.

If you’re really invested to your relationship, show your love by getting your gym buddy a Weighed Vest. Your swolemate brings out the vest in you by pushing you to achieve your workout goals. Show your appreciation by pushing them to achieve relationship goals!

Weighted Vest Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy the COREFX Pro Adjustable Weighted Vest here.


2. The “I would still hug you after HOT YOGA” Mat.

Your swolemate is HOT. What better way to show it than by giving them this Hot Yoga Mat? Yoga to try this gift idea! After giving your yoga-loving-lover this mat, their new favourite pose will be hugging you!

Hot Yoga Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy the Concorde Yoga Hot Yoga Mat here.


3. The “You make my heart RACE” Agility Ladder.

Your gym buddy will be quick to kiss you after opening this gift. Even quicker than their feet will be when they’re training with their new Agility Ladder! Put the love songs on shuffle while you and your workout buddy practice shuffle drills!

Agility Ladder Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy the Concorde Agility Ladder here.


4. The “Love at first SET” Kettlebell.

Get your relationship into the swing of things with this gift idea! Your swolemate snatched your heart, now they can snatch their Kettlebell too!

Kettle Bell Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy the 360 Athletics Kettle bell here.


5. The “You’ve been RUNNING through my mind” gear.

This Running Specific Gear will help MOVE your relationship into the right direction. Rock their socks off with the Balega lineup! You will never waist a moment with your running partner again with the large selection of FuelBelt items.


6. The “I’m WHEY too into you” Shaker Cup

You and your bae make a great mix, but it’s time for you to shake up your love life. This smooth gift is perfect for any fitness enthusiast and love interest.

Shaker Cup Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy the COREFX Shaker Cup here.


7. The “I GLOVE you” Lifting Gloves

We’ve gotta hand it to you, you two make a pretty nice pair. Give your swolemate some hands worth holding with these amazing Harbinger Gloves. And remember, no glove, no love.

Harbinger Gloves Valentines Day Fitness Gifts

Buy Harbinger Gloves here.


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