Introducing The TriggerPoint GRID X!

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TriggerPoint GRID X – Coming soon to Canada

The veil has been lifted and the newest addition to the TriggerPoint family of products is finally here! Introducing the all new GRID X! The latest creation in their line-up of GRID foam rollers, the brand new GRID X is made from an innovative, FIRMER foam, and was created to break through the body’s toughest, tightest trouble spots for relief from the most intense aches and pains. Twice as firm as the original GRID, the GRID X is the perfect solution for any athlete or consumer looking to release tension, stimulate blood flow to a specific area and experience intense compression to effectively address all of their rehabilitation and self-massage needs.

With a few GRID X samples sent directly to us from our friends at TriggerPoint HQ, the staff at 360 Athletics were the first in Canada to test out this new and innovative product. With a staff comprised of avid runners, hockey and soccer players, gym-goers and CrossFitters, we had the perfect batch of athletes to test out the GRID X. The most notable difference between the GRID X and the original GRID was the seriously increased firmness of the product. At twice the firmness of the original GRID, the GRID X it really made the team realize that our muscles weren’t as limber as we thought! The unique matrix design and distrodensity zones provide the same benefits as the original GRID, but combined with the added firmness, it really created an enhanced massage experience as everyone in the office was able to target specific problem areas and dig deeper into their fascia. If you are new to foam rolling or have gotten positive results from conventional foam rollers then the TriggerPoint GRID could be the product for you. However, if you are a more experienced and frequent user looking to restore flexibility and bring quick relief to your most intense muscular pains, then the GRID X is going to be your new best friend! We have used the GRID X on a regular basis over the last few weeks – before and after workouts and games – and it was clear that the GRID X was able to provide amazing relief, but not without some initial pain while rolling out but it was SO worth it! Our calves, quads, IT Bands, glutes, etc. felt like we had just gotten back from a treatment at the spa. This helped all of us to return to our next workout virtually pain-free!

We all agreed that the GRID X is the perfect tool for self-massage at an advanced level and allows users to stimulate the fascia and improve and restore range of motion. This all means with regular use you can eventually increase physical mobility, flexibility and performance by rolling out just in just a few minutes! With the addition of the GRID X to the TriggerPoint family of products this line now offers the most complete set of myofasical release tools on the market. With multiple products of varying densities, TriggerPoint has all of the products you need to effectively target your body’s aches, pains and tensions while providing the ultimate massage for your muscles and fascia!

All GRIDs are designed with proprietary DISTRODENSITYZONES.These three dimensional surfaces have a wide variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands. The multidirectional channeling allows for a systematic approach to increase blood flow.grid, gridx, triggerpoint, recovery,


Purpose: Stabilize ankles to set a strong foundation.

grid, gridx, triggerpoint, triggerpoint therapy, recovery

Working the calves with the GRID X.


Purpose: Mobilize quads to enhance force and speed.

grid, gridx, triggerpoint, triggerpoint therapy, recovery, prevention

Working the quadriceps with the GRID X

Latissimus Dorsi

Purpose: Mobilize quads to enhance force and speed.

gridx, grid, triggerpoint, triggerpoint therapy, recovery, prevention

Working the lats with the GRID X

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