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BOSU® Dimensional Core Training

BOSU® Dimensional Core Training Helen Vanderburg  Advance your core training techniques by taking a global approach as you explore multi-dimensional methods to effectively produce power and improve core function. Learn a series of integrated core exercises to mobilize, stabilize, and

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Helen Vanderburg – COREFX Power Play

Helen Vanderburg – COREFX Power Play Power, quickness, and strength are arguably the most important physical attributes a client, athlete, or older adult can attain and maintain. Quick, explosive and reactive movement is essential for developing the athleticism necessary for

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COREFX Grit & Gut

COREFX Grit & Gut Presenter: Douglas Brooks Using COREFX Wall Balls, heavy duty strength bands, and other functional training tools, learn to create linked upper body, lower body and core strength whole body movement. You’ll use unique partner drills, self-toss

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The Ultimate Battle Rope Workout

Battle Rope, BROPE

Workout of the day! The Ultimate Battle Rope Workout The reason you’ve heard so much about battle rope training is that it is the ultimate strength and conditioning workout. Originally developed for professional sports such as hockey, football, rugby, MMA,

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