Why I Still Ice – One Athletes Perspective

Why I Still Ice – One Athletes Perspective
By: Sam Pedlow10155583_616638378427284_4363627903783069183_n

Since linking up with 360 Conditioning, I was introduced to the line of Hyperice products and have been nothing but impressed with them. As a member of the Canadian National Beach Volleyball Team, I have religiously taken my Hyperice Knee Wrap to 10 different events, in 8 different countries, and it is safe to say it has a permanent home in my suitcase in all future events. The product is designed with the athlete needs in mind, and I have yet to find better form of cryotherapy on the road that is simple to use, portable and comfortable.

The topic of cryotherapy as a modality following acute injury has been a hot topic in the rehab world this past year. The once widely accepted effectiveness of the PRICE protocol (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation) has been questioned on the World Wide Web by anyone with a WordPress page and a Kinesiology degree it seems. Now this may shock you, but I am here to say that as a professional amateur athlete and registered physiotherapist I still ice. Shocking…But is it?

I am not here to debate the effectiveness of ice on the inflammatory process following acute injury, or weigh in on the ice vs. heat debate. I am merely here to present my personal experience as an athlete.

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Let’s set things straight – I am not nursing a major career hindering injury. My knee is not unstable; it does not have internal derangement, or any positive orthopedic signs. If it is not already obvious, it should be clear that ice alone is not going to solve these issues. However, like the majority of high performance athletes, following bouts of intense activity my joints do get sore. Ice may serve many things for different populations, but for me, it is primarily used for pain control.

A quick search for a recent systematic review of the effectiveness of ice will show that cryotherapy is effective for pain control and in decreasing pain and soreness. As an athlete, that is what it is all about. I am able to play at maximum capacity and following a proper cool down, post activity  stretching, mobilization routine and 20 minute session with my Hyperice Ice Compression Wrap, I am always ready to jump another day.

If you are the type of athlete who still subjectively finds the effects of ice to be of benefit, I highly recommend checking out the Hyperice line of products. You won’t be disappointed!


Men’s Beach Volleyball National Team Athlete and current Sport Canada Carded Athlete Sam travels to provincial, national and international competitions year round. Currently ranked 71st in the 2014 FIVB Season Rankings, Sam’s pursuit of athletic excellence and dedication in the sport of beach volleyball has landed him and his playing partner Grant O’Gorman among a select few eligible for the 2015 Pan American Games (Toronto, Canada) and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). In addition, Sam completed his Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) at the University of Western Ontario and prior to that he received a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPHED) and Bachelor of Science Honors in Biology (BScH) from Queen’s University. Since graduation, Sam has completed courses in soft tissue release, manual therapy, therapeutic elastic taping, functional movement screening and most recently has graduated from the McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture program. His practice is founded on manual therapy, acupuncture and home exercise in order to achieve client centered goals.

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